Wecora is a free, secure and private visual project management solution for professionals who want decisions made quickly.

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This is a Wecora an Interior Designer's board

Wecora boards are powerful ways of communicating & discussing your ideas and vision. Visually outline ideas, direction, visions and thoughts to work with clients more efficiently.


This is a Wecora an Event Planner's board

Wecora boards work the way you work. Create groups around themes and concepts that make sense to you. Grab images from the web with our bookmarklet or upload from your computer, dropbox or other projects you've worked on.


This is a Wecora Photographer's board

Wecora boards help you prepare. Don't waste time with emails and miscommunication. Use a Wecora board to help plan your project saving you (and your clients) time and money.


This is a Wecora a Graphic Designer's board

Wecora boards flex to your will. Tired of dealing with clients who are all over the place? Create boards designed to narrow down their thought process. Need a place to visually store ideas for reference later? Use boards as your forever reference library for inspiration or new projects.


This is a Wecora a Realtor's board

Wecora boards close deals. Wecora makes decision making collaborative, visual and fast. Create boards organized around exactly what your clients are looking for, then let them visually engage to make a decision now.


This is a Wecora Retailer's board

Wecora boards stand alone. Imagine a store filled with tablets showing your latest sale items or promotions, created in minutes and updated on the fly. Paper is dead, welcome to what's next.


This is a Wecora Manufacturer's board

Wecora boards make communication efficient. In some cases, a picture is worth well more than 1,000 words. With Wecora, the tiniest of options and details can we reviewed and discussed whether you're next door or an ocean apart.


This is a Wecora __________ board

  • marketing agency
  • retailers
  • manufacturers
  • trade show
  • web developers
  • architects
  • homeowners
  • commercial builders
  • pr agency
  • city planners
  • diyers

Wecora is a visual project management solution for anyone looking to stay organized and make decision making far more efficient

See Everything Wecora Can Do

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